Siege Pieces...

A view from the rear side of the Tower, attack in progress...

A view from a short distance behind.  Here you can more clearly see the Tower, and its base.

Closer up, opposite side.

I put together a Siege Tower, using the Siege Engines Set from Fat Dragon Games.  It's very large, for 25-30mm figures.  It was easy to build, and I even went with mixed media on this project, by using some cast-off Mage Knight figure bases for the six wheels needed to move this behemoth into place, against castle walls!  There are at least two different types of MK figure bases made.  I used the ones with the raised bottom, similar to a double-crossed 't'.  These bases worked better than the other type I had on hand.

One set of MK base wheels, and a good view of the sand-textured base.  Two types of sand were used:  a lime-green, fine grained sand, was laid down for the base, and then a brown, courser sand was applied in patches, to simulate the roughness of the ground, particularly where the wheels have gone nearby.

Other side with the remaining wheels shown.  The 'wheels' were painted gray, then Minwax Poyurethane Stain, Royal Walnut, was applied (aka, The Dip).  The base is made from two pieces of vinyl floor tile, glued together, cut to a size large enough to place 1"-square based Human figures, as the power that moves this tower into position against the enemy's castle walls.  White PVA Glue was brushed across the surface of the vinyl floor tile base, then the sand was applied, in two stages.  PVA can be applied in whatever patterns are desired, allowing the modeler to create patterns in the grass, as needed.

Here is the rear of the Tower's base, showing a figure about to climb the ladder to the upper levels...

Here we see the Defenders giving a warm welcome to the Invaders!  The wall sections are also a Fat Dragon Games product, from their Borderland Keep Set.

Here is a view of what the gang plank looks like, with an eager group of Besiegers, ready to go!

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