60mm Frost Giants using injection-molded, Cherilea Viking figures.

I have already used 54mm Cave Men figures for Hill Giants, for my 2nd Ed. BattleSystem games, as well as my 2nd Ed. AD&D games.  They painted up exceptionally well, using the tan plastic color for their skin, only applying acrylic craft paints to the areas which deviated from the plastic's color.  I then applied The Dip to them, matte clear coated them, and then I based them.  They were fast, easy, and they look GEtGW (Good Enough to Game With -- my personal painting standard which means they look acceptable at arm's length, which is nowhere near museum quality, nor would I enter my painted figures in any competition, as that is not my goal; my goal is simply to have painted figures to game with, at my table, and perhaps a very rare convention game).

The painting details are the same as what was done with the Cave Men figures, previously mentioned.  I will state, however, that I used The Dip with the Minwax Polyshades Tudor (black) color, as I wanted to shade them only, not give them a dirty look, which is what the Minwax Polyshades Royal Walnut color does, very well.  Here are some photo's of the unpainted 60mm Cherilea Viking figures (search e-Bay for sellers of these wonderful figures), followed by my painted, finished, ready-to-game-with figures.  Cheers!

Unpainted, Cherilea 60mm Vikings figures, injection-molded, soft plastic, which can be painted!

Close-up front view of two of the figures, with snow-styled vinyl floor tile bases.

Close-up rear view of the previous two figures.

Close-up front view of three of the figures within the Cherilea set, with snow-styled vinyl floor tile bases.

Close-up rear view of the previous three of the figures.

The Frost Giants attacking an adventuring group, on a stone bridge.

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  1. Looks fierce enough to cause even the God of Thunder to pause and reconsider.